Walking (2021)

Presentation at Veem - House for Performance in the context of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover,
reinterpretation festival organised by LIMA Amsterdam, May 2021.*


Residency at GC De Rinck, Brussels, March-April 2021.**

Walking - Method

In this work, Mota explores both Hoover's and her own working methods, and combines them in the form of an interactive performance-installation. The slow walk performed by Nan Hoover in her video Direction of White Walls (1978), is used as the choreographic score. Image-movement feedback, walking loops, repetition, multiplication and accidental variations occur; in a piece which invites the audience to collaborate with the performers and Hoover to develop an improvised, emergent group composition.


Creation, Scenography: Vera Sofia Mota Performance, Collaboration: Guida Inês Maurício, Synne Elve Enoksen Duration: 2h/Undefined Residency: GC De Rinck (Brussels), a.pass – advanced performance and scenography studies (Brussels) Collaboration Pre-search Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover) 2015-2020: Christina Karagianni, Fransien van der Putt Residency/Support Pre-search Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover) 2015-2020: Devir-Capa Performing Arts Centre (Faro), Studio 3 (Utrecht), Studio Angelika Oei (Quarantine, Rotterdam), UVA – University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam), Studio Annika Haller (Eiswerder, Berlin), Frascati (Amsterdam), ICI Berlin - Institute for Cultural Inquiry (Berlin) Co-production: LIMA (Amsterdam), GC De Rinck (Brussels) Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon), a.pass – advanced studies for scenography and performance (Brussels) Commissioned by LIMA (Amsterdam)



*Video Stills: Vera Sofia Mota 

**Photos: Lynn Sinnesael, Lucas Denuwelaere


UNFOLD: Nan Hoover







© Vera Sofia Mota 2017