Fake Love(r) (2015)

Fake Love(r)
Presentation at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 2015.*


Fake Love(r) 
Residency at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 2014.**


Part of a series of works I have been developing since 2009 around movement, position and perceptions thereof (Love Series), in Fake Love(r) the element of form is explored in connection to time, through a process of fragmentation, repetition and multiplication to originate a series of different patterns of movement and variations to be produced and edited in real time.
A rhythmical game between the body and music is installed, while the body and movement woven a stable, yet changeable geometry of the space. Time becomes the active element in a pliable performative architecture and organisation of the movement in the space.
Through invisible lines and repetitive patterns a territory is built, inhabited, to once again be rebuild and re-inhabited. Form remains the ghost and referential, yet differential, element of the movement composition, coming and going in a kind of cadence and quality that evokes and at the same time questions temporality in it's organisational, perceptive and sensitive qualities.
The problem of the dance composition through a certain form in/of movement is presented by an insistence on the possibilities of it's embodiment and rhythmicality, mixing danced, performative and choreographic movements.



Concept: Vera Sofia Mota Collaboration & Performance: Christina Karagianni Duration: 14m Residencies: ArtEZ - University of Arts (Arnhem), Altes Finanzamt (Berlin) Presentation: ArtEZ - University of Arts (Arnhem) Acknowledgements: Fransien van der Putt, Monique van Hinte, Cassidy Carbine Year: 2015


*Photos: Yuri Keukens.Presentation at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 2015.  

**Video Stills, Video: Vera Sofia Mota. Residency at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 2014.

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