Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover) (2015-2020)

Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover) 
Vera Sofia Mota & Fransien van der Putt
Presentation of the preliminatory research at Frascati, Cometogether #3, Amsterdam, 2017*


Dear all,

I would love to invite you to come and see my presentation with Fransien van der Putt at Cometogether #3, Thursday January 19 in Amsterdam. The evening starts at 18:30. For more info about the program and tickets, see Frascati website - Cometogether #3.

At the occasion of a curatorial experimentation in Amsterdam, bringing together a rather open selection of Amsterdam performance artists in a 3 day marathon of sharing work at Frascati Theatre during Cometogether #3 - Fransien and I will present a first prep-step for a collaborative work, presently entitled: Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover).

The work is commissioned by LIMA (former NIMk) in the frame of one of its research projects, UNFOLD, which aims at investigating alternative archiving strategies for the documentation and mediation of media art. We will start working on a work based on the work of Nan Hoover, after this preparatory research, in 2018.

Nan Hoover is among the most well known pioneers of video-art and installation. With a background in drawing and painting, Hoover worked with video and performance since the 70s, first from Amsterdam and Düsseldorf, later form Berlin, until she died in 2008. LIMA is one of her main distributors, but also hosts big parts of her paper archive on behalf of the Nan Hoover Foundation.

Trying to move beyond the ever dominant questions of technological maintenance and transfer in media art - UNFOLD seeks a more clear connection to archiving and documentation practices outside the tradition of visual arts and the museum. Looking at dance and theatre only seems logic, since it has been dealing with ever changing technologies and the transitory nature of its object, since thousands of years. At the same time the ideological references and institutional frameworks of theatre and visual art, of performance and the performing arts remain hilariously apart.

The work of Vera Sofia Mota (1982) moves clearly between dance, choreography, visual art and film. In some respect her work has strong similarities with the work of Nan Hoover, for example in the explicit non-theatrical address of the body, the use of light as a central compositional element, the minimalist articulation of light&body movements, and an extreme use of timing.

We would like to thank especially, for their feedback and for their skilful support Paul Beumer, Melle Hammer, Henk Danner, Lara Garcia and Gaby Wijers.

Please find attached the flyer with some more information about Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover).

Hope to see you in Frascati, otherwise, we will keep you posted about new stages in our research!

Warm regards,
Vera and Fransien



*Video Stills: Vera Sofia Mota. Video: Lana Coporda & Madelyn Bullard. Presentation of the preliminatory research at Frascati, Cometogether #3, Amsterdam, 2017

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