Multiplicity in Practice: Emergent Compositions I Workshop (2016)

Multiplicity in Practice: Emergent Compositions 
Workshop at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 3rd year BA on Dance, 2016.*


Multiplicity, which replaces the one no less than the multiple, is the true substantive, substance itself. (...) Even the many is a multiplicity; even the one is a multiplicity. (...) Everywhere the differences between multiplicities and the differences within multiplicities replace schematic and crude oppositions. (...) Instead of the enormous opposition between the one and the many, there is only the variety of multiplicity - in other words, difference.
(Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition, 1968)

By identifying the basic conditions for a certain activity or the intensification, understanding of a certain relation in time and isolating this, the proliferation and emergence of the multiplicities, of the small and diverse, different perceptions and sensations are possible. The reduction and concentration of the elements is, in my work, what allows the manifestation and proliferation of this plurality.
To understand the environments on which we are working on – which, notwithstanding, are changeable and, to a certain extent, manipulable - and how can we compose and relate with each other becomes the basic condition to construct collectively.
To engage and experiment with a more ecological approach of the action, can indicate and inform us about the potentiality and proper actuality of the performative matters at stake when collectively composing.
For this, the ideas of “producing” or “making” are substituted by the the ideas of “allowing” and “emergence”of compositional solutions that are indicated by the intensification of the relation with the matters of/at work.
This happens by an exploration of what can be called systems of “emergent compositions”. As I think of them, these are systems in which the architectural guide-lines propose simultaneously a closure (by the indication of specific lines, streams of activity) and openness (by extending and working in time with a state of not knowing).
To prolong this state means to not produce solutions but rather try to fnd them by intensifying and becoming aware of the nuances of the relations with the matters at stake.
I think of methodology as an activity of allowing for the emergence of the actuality of aspects (like actions, movements, decision, etc) and relations (between actions, movements, decisions, etc) within certain contexts, certain environments.
My proposal is that we experiment together with this idea of what could be an emergent collective or multiple emergent collective compositions, through the experimentation of some pre-formulated scripts (that I will firstly propose) and on the creation of new one(s) departing from the matters and common experience generated after this introduction.
A state of curiosity, openness and attention will be necessary to explore with this idea of “emergence”.


Proposal for the Research Intensive conducted with the 3rd Year BA - Dance at ArtEZ, September 2016. 


*Photos: Vera Sofia Mota. Workshop at ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Arnhem, 3rd year BA on Dance, 2016.

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