Exercises in Fiction: Crossing Performative and Narrative Practices (2013)

Exercises in Fiction: Crossing Performative and Narrative Practices 
Vera Sofia Mota & Maru Mushtrieva. Workshop at CLOUD at Danslab, Den Haag, Netherlands, 2013.*


The aim of this workshop is to collectively problematize and propose some experiments around possible connections and interferences in fictional, narrative and performative practices.
The constructed nature of any, even autobiographical, storytelling lays in the teleological attempt to explain our lives and to relate ourselves accordingly to the outside world. Leaning on this assumption and working within the frames of both literary and performative theory, we will try to figure out in our workshop how we can use its creatively.
The workshop will be divided into three interindependent blocks.
In the first block we will concentrate on the construction of individual and collective portraits, considering biographical aspects as triggers and elements for the construction and circulation of stories in a performative set, questioning and working on its modes of re-presentation.
In the second block we will cross some bodily and speech practices to experiment and understand how, through the activation of some pre-architecturated systems and dealing with translation, description, comment, narration, choreography and movement generation processes we can work on the emergence, properties and permutation of some scripts.
The third block will deepen our investigation of fictional practices towards the role of the context in creative processes, by using external triggers and spatial environment, as well as working with textures of narration.


Composition workshop by Vera Sofia Mota & Maru Mushtrieva

CLOUD Dans at Lab, Den Haad, Netherlands, August 2013


Acknowledgements: Theo van Loo, Fransien van der Putt, Eline van Ark, Judith van der Made.


*Photos: Theo van Loo & Vera Sofia Mota. Workshop at CLOUD at Danslab, Den Haag, Netherlands, 2013.

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