Second love I (2012)

Second love I 
Vera Sofia Mota & Kristoffer Ström. Presentation at MPA Tatwerk, Berlin, 2012.*


According to Zeno – attempting to prove that movement is an illusion – it is impossible to traverse an infinite number of things in a finite time. The tortoise starting slightly ahead of Achilles can never be overtaken, because Achilles would have to run an infinite amount of (constantly diminishing) distances.
Variants of these problems have appeared again and again in the history of science and philosophy, famously in Newton and Liebniz independent discovery of differential calculus. In differential calculus, the relation between movement and position is – so to speak – put on its feet. “Position is movement residue”, as Brian Massumi eloquently puts it.
In order to extract images from the always already moving bodies, and burn them into the retinas of each other, we use a stroboscope. To amplify the rhythm suggested and produced by the resulting sequence of images, we connect a sound to the light in both random and predetermined ways.
The interaction between the randomness and regularity of the apparatus makes rhythmical patterns appear, passing between bodies in a game of contamination and reading – writing/rewriting – within its rhythm and breaks. 





Creation, Performance: Vera Sofia Mota, Kristoffer Ström Duration: 20m Electronics: Kristoffer Ström Light, Sound: Vera Sofia Mota, Kristoffer Ström Video: Paulo Chinatown Matosinhos Video Editing: Vera Sofia Mota, Kristoffer Ström Music: Nik Bärtsch  Residency, Presentation: Tatwerk Berlin Year: 2012 Acknowledgments: The History of Colour TV, Laurent Kappler, Marc Carrera, Jan Berkel, Fabien Artal, Paulo Chinatown Matosinhos



*Video Stills: Vera Sofia Mota & Kristoffer Ström. Video: Paulo Chinatown Matosinhos. Presentation at MPA Tatwerk, Berlin, 2012. 


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