Time and Action: Performance in Processes
of Composition and Research

Time and Action: Performance in Processes of Composition and Research 
Workshop at Tatwerk, Berlin, 2012.*

The aim of this workshop is to create a space of research on different practices and methodologies of composition present in different creative activities such as in dance, performance, visual arts, cinema, writing, cooking, etc. Time and action will be considered as the main centres of approach.
The workshop will be divided in three stages.
In a first stage, different systems of composition and improvisation will be explored as a way to exam the nature of materials generated during the activation of these processes: composition in 'present time'.
In a second stage all participants will be invited to present proposals for the constitution of a 'reproducible' / 'closed' object: composition in a 'produced time'.
In the third one, both previous stages will be thought in coexistence. Here we will work on the differences and transferences between the operations for composition in 'present time' and in 'produced time' in terms of modes of attention, dedication and relation with a specific matter. We will devote special attention to action as the axis and centre of constitution of these two systems, questioning and analysing their properties, modes of doing and special relationship with time, while discussing and approaching notions like collaboration, decision-making, self-organisation, authorship, commonality, power, (re-)writing, creativity, representation and univocity.
At the end of the workshop an open day will take place in order to share with others the processes and objects developed within the lab.


*Photos: Vera Sofia Mota. Workshop at Tatwerk, Berlin, 2012.


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