There's always a chord I miss (2008)

Há sempre um acorde que me escapa / There's always a chord I miss 
Presentation at A Sala, Porto, 2008.*


This is a long-term performance built by the intimacy gradually found by the very act of dancing a song without any previous sets or organisations.
The decision to listen to it repeatedly slowly revealed the qualities of the relationship between the bodies, music, postures and movements performed.
In the words of Paul Valèry: Dance is a whole other thing. It is certainly a system of acts, but without an end in it selves, leads nowhere. And if one pursues any goal, it is an ideal goal – a state of inebriation, a ghost flower, an extreme moment, a smile at last formed on the face of whom seek the empty space. It is not, therefore, about a performance of a finite operation, and whose goal lies somewhere in between what surrounds us, but to create, and maintain exaltedly, a certain state, thanks to a periodic motion that can be run on the same place; movement that almost completely disinterests from the eye, but that excites and regulates itself from the sound rhythms. (Oxford,1939).




Creation, Performance: Vera Sofia Mota, Gustavo Sumpta Music: Choci Loni, Young Marble Giants Residency/Support: RE.AL (Lisbon), Escola Superior de Dança (Lisbon), A Sala (Oporto), Alkantara (Lisbon) Presentations: A Sala (Porto, 2008), Alkantara (Lisbon, 2008) Year: 2008 Acknowledgements: Escola Superior de Dança, Isabel Duarte, João Fiadeiro, Eduardo Matos, Susana Chiocca. Year: 2008


*Video Stills: Vera Sofia Mota. Video: Eduardo Matos. Presentation at A Sala, Oporto, 2008.



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