Emergent Compositions

Emergent Compositions

Workshop by Vera Sofia Mota

14 & 21 February 2019 - 19:00 to 22:00

Studio 3 - Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3, 3584 AD Utrecht

Emergent systems of composition are, for me, time-based reiterative systems which allow the emergence of patterns, orders and a progressive transformation of the materials at work by means of repetition of gestures, movements, actions or behaviours.
These systems can either be found (because already there) or they must be conditioned/created/stimulated, which entails a practice of probing the necessary conditions for emergence.
In this workshop I will propose to work with both models: on a first stage we will work from a given situation and, on a second, we will condition/create together a situation from which we will work on following the same logic.
We will work in rounds and make a break after each exercise to discuss it. At the end we will extend the discussion and compare both models, share our impressions and thoughts about it.
This kind of work demands patience, listening and the acceptance/trust that a state of not knowing can perhaps bring up something interesting and unexpected. We go slowly and together, growing as a collective which emancipates after sometime and finds its own rhythm and way of working.
These exercises are tools for research and art composition.


Vera Sofia Mota (Espinho, 1982) is a Portuguese artist based in Berlin since 2011. She studied choreography, performance, philosophy and yoga in Portugal, Holland, Germany and India and has been working in these areas. She emphasizes the work with Portuguese choreographer João Fiadeiro and RE.AL in Lisbon during 2006-10, where she did her first creations, and the long-term collaboration with Dutch dramaturge Fransien van der Putt since 2010 in different projects and contexts. Her research project at the MA at ArtEZ in Holland (2014-16) was entitled 'Multiplicity in Practice: Emergent Compositions' - a study of how 'many things' can/do relate ecologically in art and life and how this plurality of relationships can be practiced (political-)ethically and artistically. At the invitation of LIMA Amsterdam and in collaboration with Fransien van der Putt, Vera has been researching the work of video pioneer, visual and performance artist, Nan Hoover (New York, 1931 - Berlin, 2008) since 2015.


Language: English

* Please, send a short biographical note attached. No need to be a professional or have any experience in the arts.

20 Euros per session

14 & 21 February 2019
19:00h – 22:00h 

Studio 3 Utrecht
Weg naar Rhijnauwen 3
3584 AD Utrecht 


Picture: Vera Sofia Mota. Workshop for the BA on Dance (3rd year), ArtEZ - University of the Arts, Holland, 2016. 

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