Reenactment Strategies
in Contemporary Arts and Theory

Over and Over and Over Again

Reenactment Strategies in Contemporary Arts and Theory
Edited by Cristina Baldacci, Clio Nicastro, Arianna Sforzini [Read More]

UNFOLD: Nan Hoover
Two performance-installations
Reinterpreting Nan Hoover's work

LIMA Media Art Institute, Amsterdam (, May 19, 2021, Online.

UNFOLD: Nan Hoover - [Read More]

How could artists practice love with institutions, and vice-versa?

Vera Sofia Mota & Fransien van der Putt

Cometogether #5 - Frascati, Amsterdam

March 5, 2020 at 21:30-22:00, 22:05-22:35, 22:40-23:05, 23:10-23:35 [Read More]

Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover)

Residency at Devir-Capa - Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve, Faro, Portugal ( 18/9 - 2/10 2019

Untitled (Unfold, Nan Hoover)
Preliminary Research on Reinterpretation and the work of Nan Hoover (2015-2019)

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